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Sexual Abuse Risk Reduction Ages 4-6

Empower and protect your children by having a direct conversation with them about sexual abuse, teaching them to recognize dangerous situations, say no and seek help, and creating a safe space for them to ask questions and share concerns.
March 14, 2023
Summary Notes

- It's important to have a direct conversation with kids about sexual abuse as they are cognitive enough to process it.

- The goal is to educate, inform, and empower kids without overwhelming them.

- Explain to kids about the dangers of some adults who may touch or ask to see their private parts.

- Empower kids to say no, yell loud, and find a trusted adult in case they face such a situation.

- Reassure kids that they will never be in trouble if they tell their parents and that the parent will always protect them.

- Encourage kids to come to their parents if they have questions or feel uncomfortable.

These videos for parents of late preschoolers to kindergartners, somewhere between the ages of four, four and a half to five, five and a half years old. We're now at the point where our kids are cognitive enough that we can have a direct conversation with them about a sexual abuse scenario. You haven't already go back and watch videos, one or two that set the stage for your child to hear this conversation in a way that they can process.

This is an overwhelming conversation and for a lot of you, you don't know how, what to say or how to say it. So I. Talk it through as if I was talking to my child. So you can get an idea of how you can bring this conversation to a kid. Inform them, educate them, empower them, but not overwhelm them. Hey kid, I have something that I need to teach you about.

You know how Mama has always taught you how to say the right words for your private parts and how I have also always taught you about body safety. I did that because there is this thing that can happen that can make you feel really uncomfortable and unsafe, and so I wanna tell you about it and what you can do if it does happen.

There are some really messed up grownups out in the world. Who try to touch kids private parts or get kids to approach their private parts or look at the private parts and it's really not okay. They know it's wrong and they do it anyway. If someone asks you do any of those things, you yell very loud, No, I don't wanna do that, and you get away from that person and find a safe adult that you trust.

Let's talk about five safe adults that you know you can always try. And even if that person's offers you something like a treat, just know that mama will give you a much bigger treat for coming home and. You're too scared to say no, and something happens. You will never be in trouble. Try to make you feel scared and tell you that bad things will happen if you tell me or something like that, but no bad thing will ever happen because of you telling me.

I will always make sure to protect you and me and make sure that it stops happening to you. If you have any questions or anyone's ever making you feel kind of creeped out or uncomfortable, you come to me and we will figure it out together.