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Learning how to love securely is HARD WORK. Having a guide helps lighten the load.

Our attachment informed coaches would love to help you love more securely, more freely, and with less confusion.


How is coaching different from therapy?
Coaching does not diagnose or focus on mental health specific treatment. Instead it is goal driven and subject specific. Coaching tends to be shorter term than therapy, and in attachment coaching we focus on learning skills and tools that will help strengthen the security of your close relationships.

In the event that you and your coach determine that you have needs that require therapy resources you will work together to find a therapist to add to your team.
What training do your coaches have?
All of our coaches have significant professional training in their respective areas of expertise. They all have master’s degrees related to psychology, attachment, and relationships, or are in the process of completing their degree.

They are all trained in understanding attachment research, the related neuroscience and the impact of trauma. They use that education to support folks in making effective connections despite past trauma. And the last and maybe the most important qualification, is that I have to really really really love their presence and the way that they care for people.
How do I find the right coach?
If you are interested in coaching, head over to and fill out the signup form and our coaching coordinator will reach out to you to set up a brief phone call to identify your needs, preferences, and who would be the best fit for you on our team.
What are some coaching goals your clients have accomplished?
  • Learning to emotionally attune to other people.
  • Learning how to use a teaching based discipline approach.
  • Learning effective communication skills
  • Learning a calm approach to conflict
  • Learning effective boundary communication
  • Learning how to nurture self and others
  • Changing a relationship mindset
  • Establishing personal habits and patterns
What is the cost?
The more sessions you purchase in advance the less they cost. Head over to the coaching page to see your options.

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We have seen a couple of coaches at Attachment Lab. It has been our lifeboat for working through adoption and foster care needs, marriage, family, individual help, job, and everything in between. If you are looking for specialists who truly care about you, Attachment Lab is the real deal.