Securely Attached

A Guided Journal for Transforming Your Attachment Patterns into Loving, Lasting Relationships

Jan 2024 by Spruce Books/Penguin Random House
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Coming January 2024
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Securely Attached is a practical workbook/journal designed to help you understand your attachment history and the relationship patterns that you developed as a result
I have been guiding my clients through this process in therapy over the past two decades and felt it was high time to put it into book form so everyone can access the information and learn how to create secure attachment relationships.
If you want to be a secure parent, partner, or friend, this book will help you deal with your past and present insecure patterns so that you can cultivate a deeply secure and hopeful future for the relationships that matter most to you.
Featuring quizzes, journal prompts, activities, and expert insights, this book will help you create secure attachment relationships by dealing with your past and present insecure patterns.