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Guide Overview


A short overview of what will be covered in the Guide
March 14, 2023
Summary Notes

- The goal of the discussion is to prevent children from being sexually abused.

- It is possible to reduce the risk, but not guarantee it.

- Preparing mentally in case something does happen.

- The focus is on what caregivers, teachers, therapists, and parents can do to prevent sexual abuse or exposure to traumatic material.

- The discussion will cover abuse from adults, children, and exposure to pornography and the internet.

Hey everybody. I'm so glad you're here. That you're with me on this journey to do whatever we possibly can to prevent children from being sexually abused. I wanted to start off though, with two things. One, I wanna give you the hope that there are things you can do to help reduce the risk of your child or a child you care for being sexually abused and.

that doesn't mean that if you do everything right, that you are absolutely ensuring that a child won't be abused, you don't have that much control. I don't have that much control. I live with a mentality that I'm gonna do everything I can to protect my children and that if something happens, I'm gonna be prepared for that mentally so that I can show up for them and help them heal if that's the case and not bullying myself, because it is.

We live in a world where bad things happen, even when we are very prepared. So I wanted to put that little B in your bonnet so that you are thinking about what are you gonna do if it does happen that you aren't only thinking about prevention and there's gonna be a series on, oh, shit, what now? But for now, let's dive into what are the things that you as a caregiver teacher, therapist, parent can do to help prevent a child from being in the position of being victimized, uh, sexually, uh, abused by an adult, by a child, another child, an older child, or a developmentally more advanced child, um, or being traumatized through exposure somewhere around, um, pornography and the internet.

All right. Let's dive in.