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Sexual Abuse Risk Reduction Ages 0-2

This lesson emphasizes the importance of teaching children about their body parts and supporting their ability to say "no" to unwanted touch, as well as having open conversations with anyone who has access to the child to make clear that the parent is actively working to prevent sexual abuse and will not hesitate to take action if necessary.
March 14, 2023
Summary Notes

- Teach your child about all their body parts, including language mastery over them, to help with later teaching about body safety.

- Encourage and support your child saying "no" to affectionate touch or physical contact when they don't want it.

- Have a clear and open conversation with anyone who has access to your child in your absence, including discussing your work on sexual abuse prevention and your willingness to talk about and prosecute abuse if necessary.

For those of you out there who have kids that are ages zero to two, this video is specifically for you to consider things that you can be doing to help reduce the risk of sexual abuse to your child. When they're in the bath or they're around and you're teaching them about all their body parts, their eyes, their ears, their nose, include all of their parts.

So you say, Where's your eyes? There they are. Where's your vva? There it is. Where's your testicles? Oh, nope. That's your penis. Where's your testicles? Good job. By doing this, you are helping to give them a mastery over language, which will help them think and process about the different area of their body, which will help with the next step that you'll teach them as they get a little more cognitive.

If they say no to a hug or kiss or affectionate touch at this age, or they just don't seem interested in responding to affection, always cheerleader that, Wow, look at you. You said no one. You didn't want Affection at. Touch. Good. I'm proud of you because there are other areas of touch that you will have to engage in even when they don't want to.

Like sometimes you gotta wipe their bottom when they don't want to or pick 'em up and put 'em in the car seat when they don't want you to. But there's no reason ever for them to be affectionate with you when they don't want to. And lastly, whoever it is that has access and privacy to them where you aren't there.

Go ahead and have an overt conversation with that person about how you are working on sexual abuse prevention, how you are using these terms and signal to that person in the terrible case that they are a pedophile, that you are someone who is not afraid to think about these subjects, talk about them, and eventually prosecute if necessary.