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Sexual Abuse Risk Reduction Ages 2-4

Learn how to teach your 2-4 year old about body safety rules and what to do if someone breaks them in this video, which emphasizes the importance of open communication and creating a safe space for your child to come to you for help.
March 14, 2023
Summary Notes

- The groundwork for ages 0 to 2 should be set up before this lesson.

- Teach children that the parts under their swimsuits are their special parts that belong only to them, and nobody else should touch, look or take pictures of them.

- If anyone breaks these rules, children should come to their parents and report it.

- These parts of our bodies can be hurt in a totally different way than other parts of our bodies, so it's important to follow body safety rules.

- If another child breaks the rules, parents should help them learn the body safety rules, and children can always come to their parents for help.

This video is for sexual abuse risk reduction for parents who have children that are between the ages of like two to four. I have a first video that you need to go back and watch about how we set this up, ages zero to two. Do you wanna make sure that you've set that groundwork before you do this next part?

This is the stage that we want to begin to teach our children body safety rules. All the parts that are under our swimsuits are our special parts that belong only to us. It's a rule that nobody else touches those. Ask to look at those parts. Ask you to touch those parts on their body or look at those parts on their body, or takes pictures of anybody's parts below the bathing suit, underneath that special place.

If anyone ever breaks those rules, it's really important that you come to mommy, cuz I'm gonna make sure that doesn't happen again. These parts of our bodies can get always in a totally different way than other parts of our bodies. That's why we're so careful to make sure that we follow these body safety.

And if there's another kid that's breaking the rules and you don't know what to do and you're afraid they're gonna get into trouble, I want you to know that we're just gonna help them learn the body safety rules. It's always safe to come tell Mama.