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Example: "The Kindergarten Talk”

Protect your school-age children from sexual predators by teaching them to recognize and respond to potential threats, emphasizing the importance of consent and bodily autonomy, and encouraging them to seek help from a trusted adult if they feel unsafe. Through role-playing and open communication, parents can help their children feel comfortable discussing their bodies and reporting dangerous situations, whether they occur in person or online.
March 14, 2023
Summary Notes

- Discussing the possibility of sexual predators and sexual harm with children is important for their safety.

- Teach them to recognize when someone is trying to harm them and what they should do.

- Encourage them to yell, run and tell a trusted adult if they feel threatened.

- Explain to them that they will never be in trouble for telling a trusted adult and that there is no special present that the predator can give them that they can't get elsewhere.

- Remind them that they can always come to a trusted adult with anything and that they will never be ashamed, embarrassed or disappointed in them.

- Role-playing can help children understand how to respond to potential threats.

- Emphasize the importance of consent and that their bodies are private and should not be touched without their permission.

- Explain to them that sexual predators can also be online and that they should immediately tell a trusted adult if something happens while they are on a computer or phone.

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Its letting our kids know about the possibility of sexual predators or sexual harm, gives them permission to, we let our children know about sexual predators or the possibility of sexual harm by appear. It allows them to have an understanding that can then queue them in to help prevent the situation and also to let us know if it's happened.

Demonstrate for you how I give the talk to my kids when they're around the age of five. Hey Munchkin. I have a special, Oops. Hey, get I got you your favorite candy bar because we're gonna sit down and I wanna give you a special little talk about something that's got a safety issue that I need you to learn.

You know how I always talk about how we have to be careful when there are cars around, because if a car comes and hits us, it could be really bad and we just wanna avoid that kind of injury. This is kind of like, But different. There are people who are really struggling and not doing well, and as a result they do some bad stuff.

Sometimes those people are grownups and sometimes those people are older kids or kids who know some things that you don't know yet. So they might try to do some things to you that may not seem as terrible as getting hit by a car. But when you're a grown up, you'll start to understand that they actually are because the things are trying to do your bodies you aren't ready for.

As a kid, they are grown up. This, these people might try to touch your body in your private parts or get you to touch their body in their private parts, or try and show you videos of people's private parts or try and get you to look at them while they touch their private parts, and none of that is okay.

Any of that happens. Let's come up with a plane. How are you gonna handle it? What are you gonna do and how are we gonna get through it? This is the simple formula I want you to do. I want you to yell, run, tell, yell, run, tell. So if someone starts to say, Hey, I'm gonna give you something, if you'll look at my underparts or my penis, or I just wanna touch your cookie, that call it something weird.

Sometimes you can say, Don't ask me to touch my pack parts. Make it nice and loud. Run away from them. And tell the safe, dis adult that you have in that area. So if you're at school, tell your favorite teacher, or if you really like your principal, if you're at home, you come and tell mom and dad. If you're with family, you can tell Yaya, whoever it is that you feel will always believe you that something is wrong.

Couple of things. Sometimes the people who do these things will tell you that if you don't do it, then they're gonna hurt you or hurt. I want you to know that is not true. That is something they say to get you to do the things they want you to do. It might also try and bribe you or give you something special, like try and give you a special present, and I want you to know that there is no special present that they can give to you, that I can't figure out how to get you.

I will figure out how to get you those things in a way that doesn't. Also cause you these os names. These people are online and they try and get you from computers. That could happen when you're at school on a school computer or a friend on their tablet, or somehow you could be on a phone or somewhere at home.

If that happens, you just immediately tell us. You will never ever be in trouble for telling us. And if you're in a situation where you can't stop it and you try really hard, but you can't stop it, you will never be in trouble. And I will help you figure out how to get safe and make sure that it never happens.

Okay, let's role play. So someone comes up to you and says, um, you know, you're really special to me and I wanted to give you something special. What do you say? Right? You say, Well, that's my parents' job. My parents give me special things. Thanks though. Or if you're at a friend's house and they say, Let's close the door.

I wanna show you something, and they start to take some other clothes off. You can say, Oh, this is a body safety thing. No thanks. My mom says we don't do this, and. When you get home, you tell me about it and we'll figure it out. There is nothing in the whole wide world you could ever tell me that would make me feel ashamed of you or embarrassed about you or disappointed in you.

This is something you can always come to me with. Okay, kid. I love you.