Why You Pick Fights With People Who Are Good For You

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This is the abuse cycle: honeymoon>tension  buildup>abuse/eruption>apologies/calm-after-the-storm>honeymoon again

When you have lived the cycle of abuse, you have internalized the cycle. Especially if that cycle was present in your childhood relationships.

This can lead to a confusing pattern in your adult relationships.....you may not feel comfortable when things are good with safe people.

That is because your body is anticipating the tension and then the abuse ....so you may find yourself starting to pick fights to "get it over with".

You don't like the fight/abuse, you just hate waiting for it.

Instead of using a blow up to get to the calm after the storm, use your storytelling ability. Share your painful stories with the safe people in your life and let yourself grieve. It will bring rest without the mess.


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