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Week 6: Expressing Delight

When we feel delightful to someone else it helps to secure our bond to them. This week's worksheet is to guide you in creating a wealth of expression of delight for your child. It will be the funnest week, and we saved it for last because delight is hard to receive if calmness, trust, care, and repair are not present in the relationship.
March 14, 2023
Summary Notes

- Congratulations on reaching the final week of the guide!

- This week is about expressing delight in your children

- It's important to have the necessary foundation (building trust, understanding, repairing relationships) in place before expressing delight

- Find something delightful in your child, even if it's small, to strengthen the attachment

- Outwardly express your delight to your child to help them feel it

- Consider a list of ideas for expressing delight, but also come up with your own

- Continue with the practices from previous weeks and add in extra communication of delight

- The goal is to break cycles, build hearts and minds, and support your kids

- More content on attachment will be available in the future, bring opinions and questions!

 Week six. Na na na. No. I mean, I don't know about you, but for me, if I accomplish anything in my life at this stage of parenthood, I'm very proud of myself. So I'm feeling very proud of you because you've made it to the last week of this guide and I knew you've worked your, took us off to get here. This week will be the funnest week, and it seems kind of weird that I saved the fun week for last, but I did.

We're gonna talk about expressing delight in and to our children. And if we haven't done all of that other oodles of work to make sure that the barriers are not between us, that we understand ourselves and our approach, that we've built trust with them, and that we know how to repair when things get offline well, then our delight will kind of fall on deaf ears.

So what we've done is we've toiled the soil. , is that a thing? I think so. I think that's the right word. Anyway, we've toiled the soil and we've planted some seeds, and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna water those seeds. We're talking about delight. What is it in your child that you're working on your relationship with that you find delightful?

Now, if your child has gone through trauma or they've just been in a really hard developmental stage, you might look at me and go, literally nothing, Eli. To which I would say, no, no, there's something. Let's find it. It might be. It might be little, but it's there. It might be a part of them you haven't seen in a long time, but we cannot have a secure attachment with a child that we do not show or feel delighted.

One of my tricks for feeling delight in a child that feels hard to delight in is what do they delight in? You can at least light up about their lighting up, even if it's Minecraft. I have a whole list of ideas this week that you can consider in terms of ways to outwardly express your delight to your child to help them feel that from you.

Come up with other ideas too. I know you all have better ideas than I do on this kind of stuff. And in the meantime, continue all of those practices we went through in those other weeks and add in some extra communication of delight to show your child that they truly, truly belong with you. So glad you're here with me.

Breaking cycles, building up hearts and minds supporting your kids.  and there's more to come on attachment nerds. So hang out, look about, bring your opinions, bring your questions. I'm so glad you're.