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Week 1: Cultivating a Calm Presence

Closeness requires calmness, and as a modern parent, calmness usually requires some intentional work. This week's worksheet will help you assess your nervous system tendencies and work towards a place of groundedness.
February 24, 2023
Summary Notes

- Week one focuses on regulation of one's own nervous system for creating a secure bond with children.

- Assessment of one's own level of calmness and presence is crucial.

- Children are intuitive and can sense when an adult's nervous system is off-kilter.

- The worksheets for the week will aid in recognizing nervous system functioning and reducing stress.

- The goal is to bring oneself into a more regulated state for a better relationship with children, as well as self-care.

 Welcome to week one. The very first thing we have to do in order to create closeness or a secure bond with our children is we have to address our own nervous system regulation. Does that mean lady? Well, the first thing we have to do is we have to assess how calm we are. Meaning is our engine too hot?

And also how present we are. Meaning is our engine too. , how are we doing in our body and our own wellbeing, and what is that communicating to our children in terms of whether or not we are available for comforting and satisfying closeness with them? All of your work this week is actually gonna be self-care because I wouldn't be setting you up for success trying to help you connect to your child and focus on that if you are out of whack in your own.

Kids are incredibly intuitive and they can feel our nervous system. That's how we're wired. That's what our attachment system does, is it creates a co-regulation system. And so our kids know on some core level, even if not intellectually, when we are off kilter, when we are too hot with anxiety or we are too cool with depression when we are not present and.

they can vibe that. The worksheets this week are gonna help you recognize some of how your particular nervous system is working at the moment, and give you some tips on stress reduction and ways to use supports in order to bring yourself into a more regulated place. I hope this is not only helpful in your journey for your relationship with your children, but that it also just feels good to take care of yourself.