Part of Taking Care of Your Children is Being Good to the Other Adults in Your Life

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Your kids NEED you to connect with the adults in your life.

I know this can seem the opposite when they cling to your leg as you leave them with a babysitter for an evening night out with your partner or with your friends.

But it is vital to their health. Because you are their most influential model on these two things:

1. How they should treat others

2. How others should treat them

So they are watching you and looking for a template on close mature relationships. You can't care for them fully without also caring for your own attachment needs.

Esp because you will unconsciously expect them to meet your needs if you aren't doing it yourself.

You deserve close, caring spaces to be given love with the other adults in your life, and so does your partner or close friends.

investing in your adult relationships IS investing in your kids.

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