How to Handle Someone Who Doing the Push-Pull in Emotional Dysregulation

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Kids, teens, and adults can all experience a level of emotional flooding that disorients us and leads us to push away the very people we need.

Flipping our lids. Losing our minds. Breaking down.

It's a chemical reaction to the neurochemistry of fear. We are essentially high on norepinephrine. Our brain is making it hard for us to think and to trust even our safest people.

So how should we handle this and respond when it's happening to someone we love?

The key is something I call the Letting go/Staying close method. Release any pressure on the person and STAND BACK but still STAND BY. Stay open so they can feel your unassuming supportive presence and not feel oppressed or abandoned by you.

Then when their brain resets, and their calming neurochemicals kick in, you can reconnect and help them identify what they need.

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