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How to Help an Upset Child Calm Down

This repost from early last year is for all of you who ask me the very important question of "how" do I help my child process their feelings. Follow these three tips regularly when your children are feeling the feels and watch them learn to trust you and connect to you in deeper and more satisfying ways for you both.

When you respond to their emotional pain and dysregulation with calm compassion, their nervous system absorbs your support and their brain can switch from a neurochemistry of panic or despair or shame into a neurochemistry of connection and safety.

P.s. I forgot to add captions but this video is on my page in my earliest videos WITH captions.. so if you are deaf or hard of hearing or have a sleeping baby on you, or are taking a mental health break at the office...scroll down until you see me in my blue 1987 Broncos sweatshirt


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