Helping Your Child to Put on Their Coat

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When a toddler won't put their coat on on a cold day, it can easily become a battle royale. So what can you do?

Guide them to learn to attune to their bodies. There is a fabulous natural consequence to help teach this lesson. They will get cold and then want their coat. (Make sure you have their coat with you!l The lesson isn't about them listening to you, the lesson is about them learning to listen to their own body.

Good luck out there people.

P.S. if your child is out in the cold and not able to feel the cold but you can tell they are being affected by it, they may be struggling with interception (or the ability to read their bodies cues) which is a signal there may be some neurodivergent wiring such as autism or ADHD and an evaluation with a psychologist could be a helpful next step.


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