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April 10th 2023
Understanding Highly Sensitive Children

Seven minute video on supporting your highly sensitive child with advice and strategies that address their unique needs, while also taking care of yourself as a parent.
March 27th 2023
Empowering Parenting Tools: New Video Series for Supporting Your Child

We understand that parenting can be challenging, especially when your child is facing difficult experiences or emotions. To help you navigate these situations, we're excited to share with you our latest video series:

How to Support a Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused or Traumatized  (7:54 Length + Cheat Sheet)
Learn the essential steps to help your child recover from a traumatic experience and create a safe space for healing.

How to Support Your Child in Coming Down from a Panic Attack (7:26 Length + Cheat Sheet)
Discover practical techniques to guide your child through a panic attack and help them regain a sense of calm and control.

How to Repair with your Child when You are the one Who Messed Up (5:55 Length + Cheat Sheet)
Find out how to acknowledge your mistakes, rebuild trust, and strengthen your relationship with your child.
February 26th 2023
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