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The Repercussions If We Empower Our Boys to Feel

One of my favorite things happening right now in parenting is parents empowering their daughters to be strong, have a voice, and stand up for what they feel they need. But the thing is that doesn't do squat if we aren't also in empowering our boys to feel their feelings…

A short story for you. I'm in fourth grade. I'm the new girl in a small school. And one of the boys in my class decides he likes me. So at recess, he and a few friends come over to tell me "Josh likes you". I'm like, "Okay, not really interested". And they're like, "no, no, Josh likes you. He wants to kiss you." I'm like "not interested".

They then proceed to hold my arms while Josh moves at me with his gross little nine year old mouth.

I was an empowered girl. So I did what I was taught to do. I kicked him where it counted.

What happened next was a failure of the system, which I think and hope is better in this next generation.

Josh got sent to the nurse's office, and I got sent to detention, where Mr. Watson proceeded to lecture me about how sensitive and tender boys private parts are.

So if you're raising boys right now, you need to teach them about what they feel and how to read what other people feel and help them become empowered and be aware.

Because in my story I am telling you, Josh W was so confused.

He thought his job as a little boy was to make a little girl feel special by trying to kiss her. And he had no clue that I was not interested.

So if you're raising girls, keep empowering them, that's great. They're gonna need it. Unfortunately, they live in a world where there are a lot of boys that do not know how to read what they feel, but if you're raising boys, you are doing the real work..

Raise them to be tender with themselves and others and raise them with a wide, wide expertise on what they feel.


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