The Problem Is Not How She Looks

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The amount of energy that goes into critiquing women and girls for their appearance is unbelievable. And toxic.

And it's disproportionately more problematic and disparaging towards our sisters of color.

How anyone chooses to dress or express themselves is their business and should not be the most interesting thing you notice about them (especially when they are saying and doing interesting things in the world!)

And this starts young. We can do better with this next generation of girls. We can focus on how they feel instead of how cute they look. We can focus on what they are thinking and saying instead of what we think they should be wearing or not wearing.

Let's raise them believing that their body truly belongs to them and the comments and critique is the problem, not their size or adornments or lack thereof.

Let's listen to them so intently that they believe what they have to say is one hundred times more important than what they have to wear.


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