Navigating the WHYnados

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If you are anything like me, you don't mind discussing the world with your children, UNTIL they start circling you with a WHY TORNADO. 

Child: Why?

Parent: Answer.

Child: Why?

Parent: Answer

Child: Why?

Parent: 😫

This tornado habit usually happens only for a short period during a child's development (typically when they are between 2.5-4.5 years old), but it can feel overwhelming as a parent and frustrating and lead you to shutting your child down or responding with annoyance to their curiosity.

They seem to have an endless WHY question and you do  not have an endless amount of patience for it. 

Here is a magical connection focused re-direct...turn it into a time of imagination. Instead of focusing on giving them an answer, focus on teaching them how to wonder about something and theorize about it and tolerate the unknown and uncertainty of something they are curious about. 

They will feel connected and you will feel the tornado die down. Two very good things. 


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