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Secure and Reflective Attachment

Welcome to Your Attachment Exploration! 🌼

Just a friendly reminder before you dive into your results: This 2-minute quiz is all about fun and insights, not professional diagnostics. They're a fun way to explore, but they don't capture the full richness of you or your unique connections.

So take them with a grain of salt, enjoy the insight, and consider this your invitation to dive deeper into understanding yourself and those around you.
About Your Style

You are the embodiment of trust and comfort in relationships!

You have a balanced approach to relationships, valuing both connection and independence.

Continue to nurture this by communicating openly about your needs, being warm and nurturing with the needs of others and being mindful of everyones emotions.

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Securely Attached

Embark on a transformational journey through your relationships. With two decades of therapeutic insights, this workbook is your guide to exploring secure attachment in all aspects of your life.