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Welcome to the Attachment Nerd Cast, where we explore the science and art of parenting, diving into thought-provoking ideas, heartwarming stories, and research-backed strategies to help you deepen your bonds with the people who matter most in your life.
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Episode 003 - Mastering Your Calm

In this episode, we dive into the topic of calming yourself down when someone you love is upset, particularly if it's a child. We'll focus on the parent-child dynamic of co-regulation, but the insights we discuss apply to anyone you deeply care about. Join us as we debunk common misconceptions about calmness and explore its true essence as a state of regulated emotion. Get ready to reflect on your beliefs about emotions and uncover how they shape your responses to others' big feelings. Let's start by examining the five basic emotions and the complex beliefs we hold around them. Are you ready to redefine your understanding of emotions and discover new pathways to calm? Let's begin.

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