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Episode 001 - Anger Management in Parenting

Show Notes:

Importance of co-regulation in children aged 0-7

  • Children need to borrow empathy and understanding from their parents to manage intense emotions
  • Parents should validate their child's emotions and help them express anger in words

Encouraging expression of anger in words

  • Help children understand that anger is meaningful and important
  • Focus on communicating their feelings, not on violent or negative behavior

Managing anger in older children and teenagers

  • Teach children to express their anger and underlying needs, not to weaponize their anger
  • Remember that the prefrontal cortex is not fully formed until 25 years old, so be patient with your child's progress

Creating a safe space for anger expression

  • No one gets hurt, and everyone gets heard
  • Help children find personalized calming strategies when angry

Handling anger in children with trauma

  • Acknowledge your own triggers and seek support
  • Consider therapy, such as EMDR or Somatic Therapy, to process past experiences

Goal: Safe expression of anger for the whole family

  • Value anger as an important part of the human experience
  • Learn to manage your own discomfort when anger arises and focus on finding the underlying need

Remember that parenting is an ongoing journey, and it's important to provide support and understanding for your children as they learn to navigate and express their emotions. By creating a safe environment for anger expression, you'll help your children develop healthy emotional regulation and communication skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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