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Meet Eli

Hi there! I'm Eli, licensed therapist and founder of Attachment Nerd.

As an MA LPC my focus is on helping parents like you build strong, secure attachments with your children while overcoming relationship challenges.

As a parent to three amazing kids (twins included!), I understand the joys and complexities of nurturing healthy connections. My personal journey from insecure ambivalent attachment to a secure bond in my marriage has fueled my passion for sharing the transformative power of secure attachment relationships.

Let me guide you on this incredible journey and help you unlock the potential for lasting, positive change in your relationships with your loved ones.

Our fans show real results, from improved communication to stronger bonds.

“Your posts have helped me so much with how I parent my child. I have gained so much insight into my own behavior and actionable ways to modify it when communicating with my child.”

Joanna Aakyol

“You are the BEST thing that has happened to our family since having children. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so that my family could find its footing and thrive!”

Clarissa Gonzales

“I was constantly overwhelmed by my mother's advice and a little girl that needed my patience and compassion.  You are helping me EVERYDAY to be the Mom that I needed and the Mom that my heart tells me to be.  My connection with my daughter has never been closer.”

Sonya P

“But what you do is SIMPLIFY the information, it makes it easier to process and put into actions. I have been a muchhhh beter mother after listening to you!!”

Lay Laadi

“Eli’s posts help make me both a better mom and a better human. If either of those is a goal for you, follow her here immediately. You won’t regret it.”


“It's changing the way I parent and it reinforces the relationship and trauma work I've already been working on. It complements my efforts and it brings me so much relief knowing I am not alone in this and having frequent reminders so I don't forget what is important to me. Thank you so much Eli!”


“You are helping me setting my boundaries as a person, as a family of 4, and your suggestion on gentle parenting are inspiring.”


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